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YY massage gun

YY massage gun

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Designed to be packable and solid, but still pack a punch, the Shock One Massage Gun is designed to accompany all of your sporting outings. Whether you've just got back from a grueling last couple of kilometers on trail, or a huge climbing session, the Shock One Massage Gun helps to improve your recovery and relieve soreness. With a rechargeable battery that offers superb autonomy (9 hours in mode 1), whilst also being super light, the YY Shock One Massage Gun features four speeds, Mode 1 "Muscle awakening: 1800 rpm", Mode 2 "Muscle relaxation: 2200 rpm", Mode 3 "Deep massage: 2800 rpm" and Mode 4 "Professional mode: 3200 rpm".


- A single button allows you to perform all the actions (ignition, shutdown of the device, as well as gear changes) for an easier and more comfortable experience.

- 4 different massage heads included: SPHERE Designed for large muscle groups such as thighs, calves, waist, arms, glutes THE "U" Designed to perfectly fit the tension lines of your spine, ideal for Achilles tendons.

- CONE Designed to impact deep tissues, meridians, joints, acupuncture points.

- FLAT HEAD Suitable for large, flat back muscle groups.

- Usage: Choose the massage head that best suits your needs and massage the desired muscle area in a circular motion. You can change the massage mode at any time by pressing the button.

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