About Us.

So, who are we...

Really, we are a bunch of people who are like most others. Trying to navigate our way in the world, and do so with love, care and fun along the way. We love the outdoors, a little bit of funk and soul, great coffee, and positive, good vibes.

Our foundation stems from a passion for climbing (we don't care what type and we don't care what grade), as long as we're having a good time, that all that matters. We also take inspiration all the other good things the world has to offer, food, drink, music, friends, and they all play a part in who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Our Ethos.

We keep the planet and people in mind in everything we do. We can't stay we have it totally right but we attempt to try our very best to stock products and brands have similar values to ourselves and maintain a social and environmental conscious.

Whether it be our own organic cotton t-shirts or chalk bags made from off cuts from the factory floor. Preloved items in our thrift shop, or shoes made in ethical factories that are traceable and certified.

We curated what we stock, carefully, with a conscious. Always.