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The Self Rehabbed Climber

The Self Rehabbed Climber

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Author: Andrew McVittie

Rock climbing spares no part of the body from the risk of injury. It is a tough sport and an injury is guaranteed to hold you back and spoil your enjoyment.

This book provides an up-to-date, easy-to-understand, flexible, framework for self-rehabilitation of some of the most common climbing injuries. You will be lead through all the stages of rehab, learning about yourself in order to manage your own rehabilitation. It will help you listen to your body, translate what it is telling you and adapt your own treatment. This is the key to successful rehab.

Each injury is broken down into stages, with guidance given on where your treatment entry point is, how to know you’re ready to progress to the next stage, how to continue to climb with the injury and what likely caused it in the first place.

What’s new?

This is the first book to provide a return-to-sport protocol and to give you the ability to truly understand and self-manage your own rehab. You will finish your rehab more knowledgeable and capable than before your injury. This protects you against the original cause of the injury so you can now push on to a new level.

The sport science principles learned can be taken forward and used in your training and any future injuries.

The Self-Rehabbed Climber covers these common injuries:

A2 Flexor Pulley Sprain
Golfer’s elbow
Sub-Acromial pain(previously known as impingement)
Long-Head of Bicep
Rotator Cuff related pain
Wrist injury (TFCC)
Mid-back/postural pain
Hamstring/adductor injury from heel hooking

All the exercises are described, illustrated with colour photographs and supported with online videos where necessary.

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