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Ocun - Advancer QC

Ocun - Advancer QC

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Comfortable shoe for intermediate climbers.

Whether you're climbing indoors or on crags, the Advancer QC from Ocún offers unparalleled comfort and support on any terrain. With two hook-and-loop fastener straps and pull tabs, these shoes provide a customisable fit and easy on and off. The circumferential heel rubber and rubber coating on the heel add stability and allow for tension-free hooking.

These shoes have an average volume and feature slight pre-tensioning and a small downturn for precise foot placement on even the smallest footholds. The hard midsole supports your toes while the Cat rubber outsole provides excellent grip on slabs, small ledges, and overhanging footholds.

For long days of climbing, the Advancer QC from Ocún is a must-have choice for comfort and performance. Get ready to conquer any terrain!

Key Features

  • Two opposite Velcros are fast and efficient.
  • Low, asymmetry, flat profile, average volume.
  • Heel rubber strap offers extra support on the sides.
  • CAT 1.5 rubber and pretensioned stiff midsole for optimal performance.
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