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Ultimately Versatile

When Tenaya started on ‘project OASI’ they wanted to create a curved climbing shoe that works as well on friction slabs and vertical walls as it does on overhanging routes and boulder problems, and to achieve this they had to re-think their whole design process and invent new technologies.

The final result is a climbing shoe of stunning precision as well as exceptional comfort.

Its design and system of construction lets the heel sit lower while climbing and is superbly responsive to every situation, relaying detailed information back to the user at all times.

The Tenaya Oasi is the shoe you've been waiting for, designed for maximum performance and versatility. This shoe has been developed over the course of 2 years to deliver a perfect balance of power and precision, allowing you to tackle anything from small edges while bouldering to slopers on a long climb.

With innovative technologies like the MRRB and SXRDynamics systems, you'll experience unparalleled balance and a snug, powerful fit. And with the precise lacing system known as the 'Draxtor' system, you'll feel like this shoe was custom-made for your foot. Don't sacrifice comfort for performance - the Oasi proves that you can have both.

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