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When Tenaya conceived the new Mastia they wanted not only to create an aggressively curved shoe that delivered maximum power for standing on tiny holds, but also one which provided unrivalled responsiveness in all situations. More powerful, more responsive, this is the essence of the Mastia and one which required them to focus on every aspect of the process, designing and redesigning each element until they achieved the perfect balance.

Mastia is the ultimate climbing shoe, perfect for steep and vertical bouldering and sport climbing. Thanks to Tenaya's renowned comfort and their ability to downsize without sacrificing comfort, the Mastia is a top choice for high-performance climbing.

Its shallow low profile toe box allows you to keep your feet flat and comfortable without having to scrunch your toes, making it ideal for precise climbing on small pockets, thin cracks, and seemingly non-existent footholds.

The split sole, combined with SXR Dynamics and RBRX technologies, provides an intuitive feel and the heel's friction lock technology keeps your heel secure for improved adjustments and precise heel hooks. With a 3.5mm sole, the Mastia is incredibly sensitive, striking the perfect balance between edging, smearing, and sensitivity. In summary, the Mastia is the ultimate choice for conquering vertical and overhanging walls in sport climbing and bouldering.

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