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Crimp Oil

Crimp Oil - Acupuncture Ring

Crimp Oil - Acupuncture Ring

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Acupuncture rings are the ultimate tools for massaging your fingers. They are increasing blood flow and providing an almost instant soothing effect. 

They relieve muscle tension in fingers and soothe sore joints and are great in addition to Crimp Oil products.

How to use?

Roll up-and-down the fingers for about 2min.

Acupuncture rings will stimulate the blood flow and it can help relieve finger pain, numb fingers, or tiredness caused by repeated motions.

Then you will feel your tendons and articulations nicely relaxed and warm.

When to use?

For recovering after climbing/training.

for warming-up cold fingers at the gym or crag.

In case of injury (can be used as often as required for healing). 

After typing too much on your keyboard.

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